Willie Mays at the Polo Grounds 1963


Willie Mays even turned Dodgers fans. Happy 80th birthday.



Willie Mays in his last World Series 1973


The two greatest living players

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10. A Giant who came before your time whom you wish you cold have seen.

There are so so so many, but I’m just going to leave this one as simple as this: Willie Mays.


The Bay Area News Group has a slideshow of Willie Mays photos up in honor of his 80th birthday tomorrow. The photo above of Willie Mays in 1965 is one of my favorites from the whole set. I tried to find the name of the photographer who took the original image, but Getty Images has the credit listed as a stringer.  

You can see the rest (all of the photos are awesome) here, or click through on the photo above.


Mr. Curtis!

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More Zimmerman(n)s! Zimmerman(n)s for everybody!


My 6 Favorite First Basemen Growing Up

Want to know what I learned from this….I grew up liking alot of juicers…

Honorable Mentions- Rafael Palmeiro, Larry Walker, Todd Helton, Eddie Murray, Lou Gehrig


Random Baseball Card #52: Jesse Barfield, outfielder, Toronto Blue Jays, 1988, Topps.